2017 Impact Report

Our Supporters

We are grateful to the following individuals and organizations that made gifts of $250 or more (cash or in kind)

Individual Donors and Fundraisers

Samuel Accardi
Janet and John Haas
Angela Moultrie
Douglas Adams
Holly Haines*
Eileen and William Mulligan
Ashi Agrawal
Nadine and Bill Haines
Maureen Murphy and Ted Baines
Margaret Anderson
Mary Ann Boyer and Christopher Hall
Gail and Joseph Mussoline
Savio Antao
Lucinda and Richard Hamilton
Sarah Mussoline
Theresa Arlen
Heather and Scott Hansma
Eleanor and John Myers
Maria Avellan
Elizabeth and James Hargadon
David Newmann
Jeremy Avellino
Jeffrey Harvey
Amanda Nguyen
Neal Babcock
William Harvey
Megan and Paul Nolen
Joy Bailey
Maria and George Hasenecz
Corinne O’Connell
Mary and Bodo Baltycki
Linda Heim and Anthony Hikes
Kathleen and George O’Connell
Valerie Baron and Ari Gerstman
Carol and Jeffrey Heller
Maureen O’Connell
Susan Barr and Steven Wieland
Kathryn and Richard Henry
Kim and Tom* O’Connor
Jane Beatty
Paul Henry
Mark O’Donnell
Paul Beauvais
Paul Hilt
Terry O’Neil
Debbie and William Becker
Edna May and Harold Hirshman
Robert Opdyke
Sally Bellet
Michele Hirshman and Russell Pearce
Julie and Eric Orts
Kimberly Emmons-Benjet and Brian Benjet
Susan and Ken* Hirshman
Sharyl Overhiser and Bob Overhiser, Jr.
Judy Berkman
Kirk Hittenger
Kim and Tobey* Oxholm
Barbara Binis
Debra Hojsak
Mary and Howard Panitch
Marion Blank
Winnie Holden
Michelle and Phil* Patrone
Kate Boland
Ashley and Ian Holland
Kevin Patton
Susan Boorse
Amanda Hollaway
Diane and Carl Pennell
William Booth
Beatrice Holt
Maureen Perinchief
Al* and Leslie Boris
John Holt
Heather and Christopher Plastaras
Flora Wolf and Laslo Boyd
Douglas Homan
Erica Plotegher and Luigi Xerri
Gail Boyden
Amy and Christopher Hoover
Sally Poliwoda and Linda Hawkins
Ruth and Roy Brader
Joanne and Dave Hopkins
Sara Ponessa and Joseph Ponessa, III
Winnie and John* Bremner
Larry Hopkins
Ellen and Rob Porter
Kim and Terry Brennan
Mary Lou and Steven Hotz
Rick and Mary Powell
Sophie and Ed Bronstein
Brenda and Douglas Howell
Emily Pratt and Kate Zmich
Jennifer and Steve Brown
Megan Huban
Martha and Michael Pratt
Kathleen and Joshua* Bryan
Solomon Hunter, Jr.
Mary Pumphrey
Susan Chisholm and George Buckmann
Susan Huntington
Doreen and Michael Quick
Christopher Bujak
Rebecca Ichord
Donna Radzik
Lorraine and Lawerence P. Burghart
Thor Iverson
Carrie and Robert Rathmann
Melonie and Phil* Butler
Valerie Jachimowicz and Bruce Amos
Carol Raviola
Hilary and Evan Cantiello
Karen Jenkins
Karen Reichner
Barbara Capozzi
Dawn Johnson
Laura Reinhold
Marybeth and Tony Caracci
N. Scott Johnson
Ellen Rinaldi and Jeffery Sameroff
Eileen Carroll
Carlton Johnson, Esq.
Joe Ritchie
Gail and John Caruso
Gary Jonas
Betsy and Graham Robb
Barbara and Michael Casey
Kim and Molly Junge
Minney and Ted Robb

Maya Churi and Michael Jones
Yasmin Kafai
Judy and Rick Rodes
Suzanne and Adam Ciongoli
Michael Katz
Elizabeth Rose
Susan and Bill Cobb
Nancy and Shahir Kassam-Adams
Debra and Steven Rosen
Bonny and Matthew Coddaire
Maria and John Keating
Vicki Rosenzweig and Patricia Ventura
David and Carol Coffin
Dagmar and John Keenan
Laura and John Rowland
Aaron Cohen
Kyle Kelly
Donald Rrokaj
Renia Cohen
Laura Kelly
Nancy Rue
Dominic Colaizzo
Megan Kelly
Sarah Rupert-Sullivan
Lee Comer
Peter Kelly
Lawrence Rust
James Connor
Caroline and Bill Kemmerer
Dr. Julie Ruth and Richard Wilhelm
Matthew Cortez
Mary Kiely
Susan and Paul Saint-Antoine
Yolanda Crawford
Kevin Kimzey
Barbara Salkin
Jacqueline Crepack
Christina Kind
Jessica and Franklin Sanders
Sherrill Cresdee
Megan and Thomas King
Robert Schaad
Susan and Stephan Cutler
Joshua Klaris
Kathleen and Fred Schea
Kelly Davies
Meghan Klauder
Timothy Scheve
Karen Davis
Amelia Klein
Eric Schiela
Kathryn and Peter Davis
Lisa Klenk
Susan Schindler
Kristin De Francisco
Barbara Klinkhammer
Brian Schnoll
Jim Del Bello
Lori Kettering Knauer and Craig Knauer
Jessie Schol
Nancy and Dave DeLizza
Millie and Dennis Korn
Mary and Robert Schreiber
Donna Delowery
Suzanne Kourlesis
Celestine and Robert Sciblo
Suzanne and Merrill Detweiler
Jerome Kranzel
Daniel Seekins
Roy Diamond
Ken Kress
Andrew Seid
Danielle DiLeo Kim* and Patrick Kim
Kathy and Jerry* Kreider
Ruth Shaber, MD and Glenn Barnes
Michael Dipaolo
Alison and Jeff Krieger
Pauline Shaffer
Marley and Mike Dolente
Andrew Kupchik
Marie and Peter Shafron
Courtney Dougherty
Ellen Kurtz
Michael Sheward
Marlene and Leonard Dubin
Karen Lindsay and Alan Kurz
Randolph Siegel
Chris* and Deb Dumont
David La Fontaine
Merrill and Andrew Silver
Andrew Dydynsky
Kevin Lafferty
Elise Singer and Donald Perelman
Jill and Gary Eidelman
Theresa and Frederick Landell
Jean Sitler*
Patricia and Thomas Elsasser
MaryAnn and John Landmesser
Daniel Sobol, Esq
JoAnne Epps
Danielle and James Landy
Karen Spencer
Anne and Bill Ewing
Pamela Laucks and Kenneth Kring
Rev. Frank Spencer
Mary Fanelli Lund
Kelly and Richard Leach
Walter Spencer
Ellen Farber
Traci Lee and Andrew G. Kaplan
Kathleen Steighner and Robert Wood
Karen Fegely
Maurice Lee, III
Brea Stover
David Fein
Edward Leeds
Jack Sullivan and Kathleen Strauss
Jeffrey Ferguson
Ann Letizi-Beatty and Dave Beatty
John Sullivan
Stephen Ferguson
Lois and Walter Licht
Beth Ann Swan
David Fine
Carolyn Hirsh and Alan Lindy
Jennifer Swetland
Johannah Fine
Maggie Lockwood
Mark Tanner

Matt Fink**
Melissa Long
Mary Alyce Thompson
Donna Lynch Fischer and Paul Fischer
Forrest and Pam Lucas
Walter Thompson
Elizabeth and T. Kevin Fitzpatrick
Peter Lynch
Karen Tourian
Sr. Regina Flanigan
Thomas Lynch
Richard Trickey
Lauren Fleer
Holly Mack-Ward
Donna Turk
Karen Flynn* and Michael Smith
Alexandra Mahon
Andrew Tussing
Lori and Thomas Flynn
Tony and Susan Mahon
Jody Twer
Rani Fogel
Frank and Linda Mariani
Jennifer Unterberger
Paul Fontaine
Lauren Mariani and Emily Silver
David Van Balen
Gloria and Paul Forbes
Thomas and Julie Markert
Christina Van de Castle
Bill Fox
Julie Marl
Jeanne and Dave Venella
Kevin Frenia
Emanuel Martin
Eileen Murphy Voegele and George Voegele, Sr.
Christiane and John Fried
Susan and Wayne Martin
Eileen Voegele
Stephen J. Frost
Kathy Matheson
Jason Volpe
Jennifer and Wilford H. Fuller
Derrick McBride
Tim Wagner
Brigette Valenzano Fuscia and Dominic Fuscia
Brad McIlvain
Brooke and John Walker
David Gaffin
James McKeogh
Tom Ward
Mary Gallagher
Greg McShea
Carrie Waterman
Sharon Gallagher*
Susan Mease and Joseph Long
Michael Wax
Jean and Richard Geller
Gay and John Meehan
Stephen Wayland
Pooh and George Gephart
Keith Meschke
Janessa Weaver
Adam Gerard
Melissa Meyer
Douglas Webber
Nathan Gidding
Wendy and James Meyer
Markus Weidner
Susan and Neil Gilmour
Barbara and Howard Meyers
Noor and Jeff Weinberg
Erin and Stephen Giorgio
Eliza Michiels
Jen Wendowski
Elizabeth Glatfelter
Eric Mill
Anne and James Wentling
Zoe Goldberg
Celeste Miller
Joshua Werner
Anne and Howard Goldblatt
Eric Mills
Gwen and Rod White
Margaret Goldfarb
Nick Mink
Kathy and Joel White
Peggy and Douglas Gordon
Patti Lynn and Chris Monaghan
Beverly Williams
Jason Gosselin
Rory Monaghan
Claudie Williams
Rick Graber
Sandy and Kevin Monaghan
Morris Williams
Patrick Grace
Suellen and Frank Monaghan
C Amy and Bernard Wilson
Kelley Grady and John Janda
Robert Monk
Birute and Thomas Winberry
Timothy Graham
Elizabeth Morgan
Loretta and Thomas Witt
Camille Frosztega and Frank* Gramieri
Debra and Jeff Morgan
Janice Wong* and Scott Sameroff
Michele Gravel
Jonathan Morley
Veronica Wright*
Kevin Green
Paul Morris
Jim and Carol Wujcik
Greta and Alan Greenberger
Robert Morris
Neil Wummer
Nigel Gregson
Patricia and Tony Moscicki
John Yi
Sara and Peter Grim
Richard Moskowitz
Cindy and Steve Yingling
Dr. Stephen Gross
Jana Mossey
Tim Yingling
Thomas McGlinn

Legacy Gifts

Estate of Jane M. Metzger

In honor of

Gabe Adels
Ed Dillion
Gisbert Manskopf
Sa, Anh Duyen, Kathy, Trieu and Tam Anh
The Daniels Family
Suzanne Miller
Janice Wong, Scott Sameroff and their new baby
Sharon Gallagher
Frank Monaghan
Lenny Bazemore
Zoe and Lily Goldberg
Corinne O’Connell

Barbara Benson
Howard Goldblatt
Julie and Eric Orts
Paige Willan and Laura Birchler
Delia Gorman
Tobey Oxholm
Greg Bradley
Estelle Green
Lisa Anne Geller Schaad
John Bremner
Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia Staff
Frank Scicchitano

Brooke and Sumin
William and Sara Haines
Kevin Sherin
George Buckman
Ruth Hoyt
Leslie and David Stillwagon
CCA Floors and Interiors
Jerry Kreider
Alice Sudeck
James John Cole
Brian Lafferty
Dean Curtis

In memory of

May Acker
Patrick Monaghan
Jim Pratt
Butch Crescenzo
Tim Margraf

Jessie R Rue
Dusty Fultz
Gertrude L. Mathis
Lisa Ann Geller Schaad
James Gagnier

Marjorie Vivian Reddick McNeil
Marv Schwartz
Jean Curtis Gardner
Bob and Marge Mockler
Frances M. Smith

Corporations, Foundations and Groups

The 1830 Family Foundation
General Electric Company
Philadelphia Eagles
Aberdeen Asset Management
The George School
The Philadelphia Foundation
Aecom Technology Corporation
Glenmede Trust Company
Philadelphia Futures
Alex. Brown a Division of Raymond James
Philadelphia Housing Authority
Alexander Perry, Inc.
Grant Thornton
Philadelphia Insurance Companies
The Allstate Foundation
Greenberg Traurig, LLP
Philadelphia University Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter
American Airlines
Haas Trusts
Phoenixville Area High School
AmeriCorps NCCC
Habitat for Humanity International
Physician Recommended Nutriceuticals
Aquinas Center
Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia Young Professionals
Pine Tree Foundation
Arkema Inc.
Haines Family Foundation
PNC Charitable Trusts
Hersha Hospitality
PNC Foundation
AT. Kada & Sons, Inc.
Higher Ground Church International
Promise Corps Philadelphia
The Atlantic Group
Holman Enterprises
PROs 4 Charity
Holman Frenia Allison, P.C.
Prudential Fox and Roach Realtors
The Barra Foundation
Hope United Methodist Church
Public Health Young Leaders Association
BB&T Doylestown
Hortsmann Lynch Construction
Beneficial Bank
Hotbox Yoga
Reed Smith
Benevolence Fund of Calvary Presbyterian Church
Regency Centers
Binghamton University Alumni Association
HOW Properties
Revolution Recovery LLC
Bluestone Foundation
Illinois Tool Works Foundation
Rittenhouse Strategies LLC
BNY Commuity Partnership
Incyte Corporation
Rochester Institute of Technology Alumni Association
The Boeing Company
INTECH Construction
Brandywine Realty Trust
The Iron Shop
Saint Basil Academy
Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation
Jako Enterprises
Saint Genevieve Parish
Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church
Janssen Biotech
Saint Joseph’s University
Building Industry Association of Philadelphia
Jefferson University Hospitals
Saint Joseph’s Preparatory School
Burns McDonnell

Jenkintown Building Services, Inc.
Saint Joseph’s University
Buzz Duzz Plumbing, Heating & Air Inc
Jones-Lippincott Family Foundation
Saint Joseph’s University Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter
C Eugene Ireland Foundation
Keller Williams Realty – Center City
Samuel Tabas Family Foundation
C. Erickson and Sons, Inc.
Kelsey Family Foundation
Santander Bank
Cameron Foundation
KIPP Philadelphia Schools
Santech Construction Group
Capital Impact Partners
Klehr Harrison Harvey Branzburg, LLP
SAP Software Solutions
CCS Fundraising
KML Law Group, P.C.
Saul Ewing LLP
Center City Rotary Club
Seton High School
Central High School SAO
KSK Architects Planners Historians, Inc.
Sheward Partnership
The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia
La Salle College High School
Shipley Group
Charter Foundation
Lafayette Foundation CPW Rotary Club
Cheshire Law Group
Langer, Grogan & Diver, P.C.
St. Christopher’s Church of Gladwyne
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
LaSalle University
St. John’s Presbyterian Church
Chinese Gospel Church
Liberty Property Trust
St. Joseph’s Preparatory School
Liberty Travel
Stanford Alumni Association
Cisco Systems Foundation
Lincoln Financial Foundation
Streamline Solutions
Citrin Cooperman & Company, LLP
Lindback Foundation
Swarthmore Friends Nursery School
Cohen Seglias Pallas Greenhall & Furman PC
Lindy Communities
Target Rittenhouse Square
Comcast Corporation
LISC Philadelphia
Tech Impact
The Condo Shop
Loews Philadelphia Hotel
Teen Service Corps
Conner Strong & Buckelew
Louis Cassett Foundation
Temple University
Convergent Technologies, Inc.
Loyola Sacred Heart High School
Temple University Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter
Cozen O’Connor
Manatee Quilters
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries
Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School
Mann Associates, Inc.
Thomas Jefferson University Office of Student Life & Engagement
Customers Bank
Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Student Movement
Thomson Reuters
D.A. Virelli, Inc
MarketPlace PHL, LLC
Tonic Design Co.
Dale Corporation
Maxine and Martin Epstein Family Fund

Torcon Inc.
Dermody Properties Foundation
McCarter & English, LLP
Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation
The McLean Contributionship
Trinity Insight
Devon Preparatory School
Merck & Co
Turner Construction
Dietz & Watson
Merck Partnership For Giving
U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management
DOW Chemical Company
The Mike McCann Team, BHHS Fox & Roach, REALTORS
United One Resources, Inc.
Drexel University
Millburn High School
United Way of Central & Northeastern Connecticut
Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP
Montgomery, McCracken Walker & Rhodes, LLP
University Lutheran Church
DuBell Lumber, Co.
Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP
University of Pennsylvania
Eastern University Academy Charter School Seniors
Mosaic Community Church
University of Pennsylvania Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter
The Elizabeth B. and Arthur Roswell Foundation
Music Together
UPS Foundation
Emergency Response Associates
Nararo Foundation
Urban Land Institute
Engineers Without Borders
Narberth Presbyterian Church
Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church
Neumann University
Veolia Environmental Solutions and Services
Environmental Consulting, Inc
Next Step AmeriCorps
Villanova University Alumni Association
Exude, Inc.
Odessa Technologies
Wayne Presbyterian Church
Fannie Mae
OTG Management
Wells Fargo
Farber Family Foundation
OTSUKA America Pharmaceutical, Inc.
Wells Fargo Housing Foundation
Federal Home Loan Bank Atlanta
Patrick F. Monaghan Foundation
WES Health System
Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh
William Penn Foundation
Fidato Partners, LLC
Penn Jersey Paper
Women’s Home Group
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Pennoni Associates
Fluidedge Consulting, Inc
Pepperidge Farm
WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff Foundation, Inc
Fox & Roach Charities
YouthBuild Philadelphia
Friends’ Central School
Pew Charitable Trusts
Zenith Insurance Company
Frost Development Corp
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Zurich American Insurance Company
General Building Contractors Association

Community Partners

City of Philadelphia
People’s Emergency Center CDC
Sharswood Brewerytown NAC
Corporation for National and Community Service
Philadelphia Eagles
Team Rubicon

Drexel University/Lindy Center for Civic Engagement
Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations
University of Pennsylvania Nonprofit Leadership Program
Healthy Rowhouse Project
Philadelphia Coalition for Affordable Communities

Mount Vernon Manor CDC
Rebuilding Together Philadelphia
YouthBuild Philadelphia
Northeast NORC
Repair the World

Property Donors

City of Philadelphia

Philadelphia Housing Authority

Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority

In Kind Materials & Expertise

BlueLine Rental
Howard Goldblatt
Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation
Dave Bone
Harry Allcroft
Proctor & Gamble
Jennifer Britt
David Heaton
Regional Housing Legal Services
Jeffrey Brummer
Hunter Douglas
Revolution Recovery
Anne Buffi
J&L Designs
Rick Hamilton
Emily Buller
J.THOMS Residential Design & Materials
The Rittenhouse
BWA Architects
JJ White Inc.

Towne and Country Pest Control
C & R Building Supply
John Keenan
Ken Sarkis
Adam Lampl
Schneider Electric
Kath Concelosi
Shock & Awe Electric
Cooper Roofing
Brad Landis
Reed Slogoff
Cree, Inc.
Meg Malloy
Gary Sprague
DALE Corporation
SW Vinyl

John McClintick
District Council 21 Painters and Allied Trades
Next Generation Insulation, LLC
Josh Werner
The Dow Chemical Company
Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters
Whirlpool Corporation
Drexel Dornslife School of Public Health
Kevin Oliver
Williamson College of the Trades
Yale Locks & Hardware
Lauren Fleer
Philadelphia Eagles
George Zolot
Gianarelli, Inc.