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Race and Housing


At Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia, our vision of a city where everyone has a decent place to live cannot be achieved without acknowledging the inhumanity endured by people of color for centuries.

Racist housing policies such as redlining and racial restrictive covenants created a racial wealth gap in Philadelphia and throughout the nation. The effects of these policies are still experienced today.

As we explore how race and housing are inextricably linked, we aim to share blog posts, stories, articles, videos and interviews that highlight this connection.

We have resolved to hold ourselves accountable, and as a supporter of Habitat Philadelphia, we look forward to working alongside you as we continue to build equity, strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter.

Race and Housing

Additional Resources

These resources were created by people who have had a direct impact on Habitat Philadelphia’s work.

The Player’s Tribune: Y’all Hear Us, But You Ain’t Listening by Tobias Harris
Tobias made a $25,000 donation to provide mortgage relief for 12 Habitat Philadelphia homeowners in May 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic. Watch his conversation with homeowner Rabia here.

The Player’s Tribune: Black People are Tired by Dawn Staley
Dawn Staley was the keynote speaker at the 2019 Building Hope Luncheon.

The Case for Housing Justice in Philadelphia
by James A. Crowder Jr for Policy Link

How do Racial Inequities Limit Homeownership Opportunities
by Habitat for Humanity International