2019 Impact Report


Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia continues to grow to meet the demands of a booming city. In Fiscal Year 2019, we ensured that more Philadelphians have a decent place to live. We broke ground on a new, ambitious 20-unit housing project, expanded the scope and reach of critical home repair work, and empowered more residents through our neighborhood revitalization work.

To expand our impact in an ever-changing environment with ever-growing needs, we recognize that we need to think critically and creatively about how we provide more Philadelphians with decent housing options. Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia’s work reaches new homeowners through our Homeownership Program, existing homeowners and their families through our Home Repair Program, and residents in the Sharswood community through our neighborhood revitalization work. Safe and stable housing is the key to a healthy, happy life, and we must make that opportunity possible for all Philadelphians.

Habitat knows that home is where the health is. We have grown the scope of our Home Repair Program to address issues that affect our well-being and comfort at home. Habitat created a pipeline of families in need of critical repairs through the BUILD Health Challenge, which brings the work of CHOP and Habitat together to strategically address in-home childhood asthma triggers, and lower incidences of emergency room visits. The CAPABLE (Communities Aging in Place – Advancing Better Living for Elders) program partners Habitat with occupational therapists and nurses from Jefferson and Drexel to work with elderly homeowners and deliver accessibility repairs and modifications that help promote healthier lifestyles, greater mobility, and keep Philadelphians living in the neighborhoods that they have called home for generations.

Homeowners like Ms. Annie, who has lived in her home since the 1970s and is a well-known presence on her block, can remain in her home following her upcoming knee surgery now that she has the strategic repairs that make her home more comfortable and accessible through CAPABLE.

While Ms. Annie seeks independence, future Habitat homeowner Cynthia anticipates the safety and stability she and her family need to thrive. A Habitat home will help her achieve this. As one of the many Philadelphians who pays over 30 percent of their monthly income on rent, Cynthia can now build an asset for her family through Habitat’s Homeownership Program. In the months ahead, Cynthia will be a proud owner of one of 20 affordable homes at Oxford Green in Sharswood, North-Central Philadelphia.

Sharswood, located in North-Central Philadelphia, is the target neighborhood for our neighborhood revitalization work, which bridges the gap between all Habitat programs. In Sharswood, these efforts are bringing all of the pieces together—Oxford Green is under construction at 23rd and Oxford Streets, over 60 families and counting have received critical home repairs, and Habitat is working with a broad coalition of local partners to repair key neighborhood assets. This work seeks to empower residents on every level—home, block, and neighborhood—to improve the quality of life for everyone in the community.

You can help us make a difference. Partner, volunteer, donor, advocate—however you choose to support us in our mission, you will be building strength, stability, and self-reliance for more Philadelphians.  As we continue to grow to meet the city’s needs, we are grateful to have you here on this journey with us.

In partnership,

Corinne O’Connell
Chief Executive Officer