Housing Trust Fund Advocacy Win

On November 2, 2021 (election day), Philadelphia voters overwhelmingly supported ballot question 4 and secured an annual investment for the Housing Trust Fund. This investment allows 0.5% of the city’s budget, about $25 million, to be used for critical home repairs, homelessness prevention, affordable home production and other housing supports starting this year.  

To advocate for this measure, Habitat Philadelphia sent our supporters a series of emails sharing information on the ballot question, the date of the election and ways folks could find their local polling places. During this period however, The Philadelphia Inquirer editorial board urged their readers to vote “no” on ballot question 4. In response, CEO Corinne O’Connell wrote a letter to the editor explaining the critical need for the $25 million investment and the flaws in the editorial board’s argument. We continued spread the word through our monthly Facebook livestream and in a radio interview with WURD station. 

On election day, Philadelphia voters overwhelmingly supported the measure and it passed with 70% of the vote. This guaranteed, annual investment will improve affordable housing in our city and open even more doors for Philadelphia families. 

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