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Shakerea's Story

Shakerea’s homeownership journey started in 2014 when she moved from Jamaica to the United States. Now, she has purchased her first home as a Habitat Homeowner.

With her family back home in Jamaica, she was determined to make it on her own. A friend welcomed Shakerea into their home until she was able to have her own place. She started a career at the School District of Philadelphia, continued her education and was still looking for a place to permanently call home. Then, she found the Homeownership Program at Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia.

While on her way to work, Shakerea’s phone rang, and she learned she had been accepted into the Homeownership Program. Immediately filled with excitement and joy, Shakerea had felt a sense a relief. “I was going through a lot, but it didn’t matter because it was going to be over soon,” she said. Throughout her time in the Homeownership Program, Shakerea had learned new life skills that she didn’t know were possible. While completing her hours of sweat equity and working full-time, she accomplished her goals with the help of people along her journey. “I received a lot of help to get here so if I can help someone else in return, I can sleep good at night,” Shakerea said.

Since being in her new home, Shakerea and her two daughters started a new tradition where they will randomly select a vacation destination each year. This allows them to keep things exciting in their new home. Shakerea’s favorite part

of having her own home is the peace of mind it brings her. “If anything were to happen to me, my kids will always have a home,” she said. To Shakerea, home means safety, peace, and a breath of fresh air. Shakerea and her family will now always have a safe, warm and dry place to live.