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Land Development Plan

60-74 E Collom St

Project Background

60-74 E Collom Street is currently owned by Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority (PRA) and HFHP seeks to develop it. The site consists of 16 rowhome-style existing units on a single parcel, a parking area, driveway, site lighting, and greenspace. The existing buildings are 3-bedroom, 1.5 bath 2-story units. HFHP aims to acquire the site and rehab the units to sell to low-income first-time homebuyers. HFHP has a long history of developing rehabs among its affordable homeownership units. Rehabs provide opportunities for HFHP to reduce construction costs, which allow for deeper affordability for HFHP’s future homeowners. 60-74 Collom Street represents a rare opportunity to acquire multiple single-family row home style rehabs from a single public entity, in a neighborhood where HFHP has a history of community partnerships.

However, there are some unique challenges existing at the site. Such challenges may include (but are not limited to) requiring a subdivision plan, compliance with Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) stormwater mitigation requirements, infrastructure improvements, and the establishment of an association responsible for managing any shared elements. With this Request for Proposal (RFP), we are searching to secure professional services to provide a land development plan study for the rehabilitation of the 16-units at 60-74 Collom Street Philadelphia, PA 19144 (OPA #: 886651100) in Germantown. We enthusiastically look forward to receiving your proposal.

Site Description

60-74 Collom St is an L-shaped lot on the southeast corner of Collom and Lena Street, which contains 16 units in total. The site measures approximately two-hundred feet wide and one-hundred and seventy-five feet deep. The front façade of the units face the courtyard while the rear yards face Collom Street and the center of the block between Collom Street and Wister Street. The site also contains a fence running along the south and east sides of the property. There are also five units that have a fenced portion along Collom Street. The complex consists of two sections of row homes. The section along Collom St contains five attached two-story, single-family units. The section opposite contains eleven attached, two-story, single-family units.

The site is currently Zoned RM-2 – Residential Multi-Family.

In March of 2021, the PRA contracted BFW Group to perform a physical conditions and needs assessment. The report is available here. Respondents should review the assessment. For the successful bidder of this RFP, the PRA has offered to provide access to the site. This analysis is for informational purposes only and may not represent the current conditions of the site.


  1. Civil Engineer Survey
    • HFHP requests a site visit and existing conditions plan to confirm site boundaries, location of utilities, etc.;
  2. Land Development Plan Recommendations
    • A review of the current PWD requirements for projects of this size and scope, including onsite stormwater management requirements and recommendations, parking area improvements, etc.;
    • Assessment of common areas including current condition of asphalt driveway, lighting, greenspace, etc. and proposed improvement cost, and;
    • Preliminary subdivision plan proposal including recommendations for common spaces and recommendations for individual unit property lines

Submission Requirements

  • Firm Name and Address
  • A brief description as to how the firm is going to perform/execute the land development plan. Include a description of the project approach and prior experience with similar projects.
  • List of qualified professional personnel in the identified key disciplines.
  • Cost to perform the study as described herein. Include detailed cost breakout by deliverable, estimated hours needed to complete, reimbursable expenses, etc.
  • Estimated Schedule/Timeline to complete.

Proposals must be received by 3:00 PM. on Tuesday, February 13, 2024, EST. Submit one electronic copy of the proposal to:

Ed McColly, Director of Project Planning

Inquiries to HFHP requesting clarification regarding the Request for Proposal or the content therein must be made via e-mail and must be received prior to the end of the business day on February 2, 2024.

Any questions regarding this RFP will be handled as promptly and as directly as possible. If a question requires only clarification of instructions or specifications, it will be handled via e-mail. If any question results in a substantive change or addition to the RFP, the change or addition will be forwarded to all registered Respondents as quickly as possible by addendum.

Respondents shall designate a contact person, with appropriate contact information, to address any questions concerning a proposal.

About Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia

Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia, Inc. (“HFHP”) is a non–profit corporation that develops single-family, affordable homeownership units for buyers with household incomes at 30-80% Area Median Income (AMI). Habitat for Humanity creates stability through affordable housing so that Philadelphians can create pathways to stability. Our vision is a city where every Philadelphian has a decent place to live. HFHP has served over 1,100 families since its founding in 1985. Additional information about HFHP is available at