We hire contractors for paid opportunities to work alongside Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia. Build with Us!

Other Volunteer Roles

Swinging a hammer isn’t your style?

There are many ways you can lend your time and talent to advance Habitat’s mission in Philadelphia.

Family Advocates

Family Advocates mentor future homeowners by guiding and supporting them throughout their time in Habitat’s Homeownership Program.

Volunteer Photographers

Volunteer photographers capture the magic of Habitat wherever we are, from repair sites to special events. If you have a camera and a good eye, get in touch!

ReStore Cashier

Regular volunteers at our ReStore are crucial for the store’s success. If you are able to volunteer on a consistent basis, even better!

Join a committee

Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia’s committees are led by members of the Board of Directors and Habitat staff. If you are interesting in joining a committee, there is typically a brief vetting process: Reach out to the staff liaison listed to get started.

Building Hope Luncheon Committee

The Building Hope Luncheon Committee works closely with the Executive Team and Development Team to plan Habitat’s annual fundraising event. Committee members help secure corporate sponsors, identify community partners, and advise on event formatting and fundraising strategies for success.

Staff Liaison: Deidra Duncan, Director of Development


Design and Construction Committee

The Design and Construction committee provides strategic guidance for Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia’s Homeownership Program. Committee members assist and advise project planning and construction staff on housing development proposals, including but not limited to: property acquisition, building design, housing development design, etc. The committee ensures housing design proposals are appropriate for neighborhood location and are compatible with volunteer engagement and in-kind support.

Staff Liaisons: Tya Winn, Director of Project Planning

Family Services Committee

Family Services Committee members consist of Board of Directors, community members, Habitat Homeowners and members of the Family Services staff. Volunteers on the committee work alongside the Family Services staff to recruit, select, train, and match Family Advocates with future Habitat homeowners. Committee members also participate in one or more of the following committee working groups: Application Review Group, Family Advocate Group, and Special Events and Outreach Group.

Staff Liaison: Rita Calicat, Director of Family Services

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee reviews the interim financial statements of the organization on a monthly basis and reports on the organization’s financial health to the Board quarterly. The committee reviews and recommends for approval to the full Board the annual operating and capital budget. Committee members advise on the financial services institutions (banks, brokerages, etc.) with which Habitat does business. The committee reviews and approves changes to the financial policies and procedures, and takes a proactive approach to reviewing the long-term sustainability of the organization’s business model.

Staff Liaison: Marques Storr, Director of Finance

Neighborhood Revitalization Committee

The Neighborhood Revitalization (NR) Committee develops a strategic approach to identify communities for Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia’s NR program. This work involves developing critical planning documents, data sources, and systems of monitoring, measurement and accountability for impactful NR work. Committee members help recruit and develop external partnerships for the successful execution of NR strategy, and identify property acquisition opportunities.

Staff Liaison: Carrie Rathmann, Director of Strategic Partnerships

Repair Committee

The Repair Committee supports Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia’s Home Repair Program through the creation of opportunities and conditions needed to increase scale, impact, and quality of repairs provided.
Committee members ensure that the Home Repair Program’s processes, procedures, and structure align with needs of Philadelphia homeowners and the organization’s overall mission. Committee members create new growth opportunities by expanding the network of partners and supporters.

Staff Liaison: Emily Lucas, Director of Home Repair Program

Resource Development Committee

The Resource Development Committee (RDC) works with the CEO and Development staff to provide strategic support for stewardship and resource development. The RDC serves as a steering committee through which board members and community partners engage in Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia’s resource development work. Committee members regularly review and make recommendations to strengthen Habitat Philadelphia’s case for support and fundraising pipeline.

Staff Liaison: Kathryn Fernandez,  Senior Director of Institutional Advancement

ReStore Committee

The ReStore Committee advises on ReStore operations and works closely with the ReStore Manager to ensure that the store is successful as a source of funding for Habitat’s core programs. Committee functions include: Determining and locating retailers/business owners who might become donors; assisting in targeted advertising and marketing efforts to increase donations and sales; and assisting in promoting the Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia ReStore locally at community events.

Staff Liaison: Chris Meder and Angie Correa-Collazo, ReStore Managers

Young Professionals Committee

The Habitat Philadelphia Young Professionals (HPYP) Committee works in collaboration with the Development Team to implement unique networking, volunteering and fundraising activities through which young professionals can engage with Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia’s mission. The Young Professionals host regular fundraising and/or networking events to elevate Habitat’s work to a wider audience in the city.

Staff Liaison: Greg Bradley, Relationship Manager