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IDA Information Session

Saturday, March 23, 1:30pm

This Lubert IDA information session will be held at the Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia offices at 1829 N. 19th Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19121.

IDAs are special matched savings programs that assist working individuals to acquire productive assets that serve to increase financial stability and security, e.g. a first home, higher education, or a small business.

IDA programs help establish a pattern of regular saving, provide an incentive for saving in the form of match money, and offer education and training that helps participants learn long-term money management skills. The United Way Housing IDA Program is designed to help participants pay for the down payment and closing costs on a first-home purchase. Participants must be first-time homebuyers.

Learn more, and see if you might be eligible on the Homebuyer Assistance Programs page.