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Contractor Onboarding Process

Interested in working with us? We’d love to get to know you!

Our Contractor onboarding process ensures that we have an opportunity to learn more about your company, skillset, and capacity, and for you to learn more about our values, projects, and requirements. The goal is to assess whether you are a good fit to work with us. Click on each stage of the process below to learn more.

*Note: Signing a Contract with Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia does NOT guarantee work on a project, nor commit you to a price point. It does, however, affirm a working relationship and provides a greater opportunity to work alongside us.

Step 1

Fill out Expression of Interest Form

This form allows you to share some basic information about your company. Please share as much detail as possible, as it provides important context for the initial screening.

Expression of Interest Form
Step 2

Initial Screening

A Habitat staff member will reach out to conduct an initial phone screening. This will be an opportunity for us to learn more about your company, and for you to ask any further questions. Additionally, we will go over the documentation requirements for our contracts.

Step 3

Speak with References & Project Managers

Habitat staff will relay the information collected in the EOI form and initial screening to the Project Managers. We will have a conversation to determine whether your company will be a good fit based on our project-based needs moving forward. If this determination is made, we will reach out to your provided references.

Step 4

Review Sample Contract

If we decide to move forward, we will share a sample version of our contract, along with our documentation requirements (see next step). Our standard 1-year master contract outlines the terms, conditions, and requirements for your work with us. As projects arise, we then add the scopes of work as addendums to the end of the master contract.

Step 5

Share Necessary Documentation

Required Documentation & Information:

  • Full legal name of person authorized to sign on behalf of the business
  • Full legal name of business
  • Signed W-9 with mailing address
  • Certificate of Insurance for General Liability, Auto Liability, and Worker’s Comp (exempt if sole proprietor). Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia, Inc should be listed as insurance holder.
  • Copy of either PA Home Improvement Contractor License OR Philadelphia Trade License.
  • Copy of EPA-RRP License (if applicable)
  • All necessary paperwork should be sent to Elam Boockvar-Klein, Special Projects Associate, at
Step 6

Conduct Site Visit with Project Manager

In some instances, though not in every case, we will connect you with a project manager to do a site tour before getting you under contract. Ultimately, you will be working directly with them, so it is important to establish a positive relationship with them. During this visit, you can examine the scope of work, assess whether it fits with your capabilities and comfortabilities, and ask any lingering questions about the specific projects.

Step 7

Contract Preparation and Signature

Once we have all of the necessary information from you, we will prep the contract. We ask that you allow two weeks for this to occur. We will then share the contract for you to sign electronically.

Step 8

Place bids on our RFP site as projects come online

Once we have you under contract, this does not guarantee that there will be specific project-based work with us. It does, however, affirm that we have a relationship and all of the documentation we need to easily process bids and have you dive into a project if we decide to go with your company. You can see all of our active RFPs on this site. The contract is a great starting point, and gives you a leg up over other trades who are not yet under contract with us.