CEO Statement on 2020 Election

November 8, 2020

At Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia, we are builders. We work alongside, not for, others. We are driven by accountability and defined by our stick-to-it-iveness.

These core values guide our work every day, and one stood out to me clearly last Tuesday when I was watching the election results: We work alongside, not for, others.

This week, our nation elected a new president. As evidenced by the close race and what we have experienced in the days since, we are a country divided on what we believe is the best way forward for the United States.

I assure you that no matter who sits in the oval office, or in any elected seat at the federal, state or local level, we will never stop working alongside our homeowners to ensure more Philadelphians have a safe, warm and dry place to call home.

Since 1985 we have built 227 new homes and completed nearly 600 critical repairs. During those 35 years, we have swung our hammers with both Democrats and Republicans in charge, and two constants remain: the need for affordable housing and our commitment to our homeowners.

In the Philadelphia region, 121,000 owner-occupied homes are deemed ‘inadequate’ by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. That is 121,000 of our friends, family members, and neighbors who are living in homes that are literally falling down around them. We may disagree on many issues in this country, but I hope we can agree on the necessity to prioritize affordable housing.

Let me be clear. We know that Habitat Philadelphia cannot build its way out of the affordable housing crisis. It will take all of us – our leaders, our Habitat team, and you. We need to work alongside every individual, organization, corporation and especially our newly elected officials toward a city where everyone has a decent place to call home.


Regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, or political party.

Everyone deserves a decent place to call home.

In partnership,

Corinne O’Connell

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