2020 Impact Report

Habitat Engages

Thank you, ReStore Volunteers…

Despite closing its doors to the public from March until June due to COVID-19, Habitat’s ReStore continued to raise funds to support affordable housing in Philadelphia.

The ReStore Team creatively worked to keep the store up and running. In April, we began selling selected items through our Instagram account and we created an online store and home delivery service through Entrego, which is an online marketplace for Philadelphia retail stores. When we reopened the ReStore doors in June with limited hours and new safety guidelines, the ReStore team was ready to face new challenges alongside our dedicated ReStore volunteers.

Mary (back right) helps other ReStore volunteers in tagging items at the ReStore in August 2019

Mary was one of the first volunteers to offer Habitat a hand when the ReStore reopened. Even before the pandemic, Mary made sure the ReStore bathrooms were clean and the staff was well fed with a home-cooked meal. Mary came to volunteer at the ReStore in March of 2019 and quickly poured her heart into the work. “I haven’t left since,” she says.

Mary worked as a general contractor for senior citizens and women in need of restorative home services. She often visited the ReStore for tools and supplies before becoming a long-time volunteer. She says that she fell in love with the ReStore team and wanted to be a part the Habitat Family.

“Angie [ReStore Manager] and Dally [ReStore Warehouse Coordinator] inspire me because I watch them do their jobs—and I know what it’s like as a woman working positions [held typically by men].”

We are honored to work alongside Mary, and are inspired by her as she volunteers her passion and talents to create home for more Philadelphia families.