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June 27, 2015 ReStore

Habitat for Humanity opens new ReStore in South Philadelphia

A Habitat for Humanity store opened its doors in South Philadelphia, with the proceeds going towards building homes for people in need. (WPVI)

The new “ReStore” has bargains for do it yourself-ers and in turn it helps the organization to fulfill their original mission.

“All the profits of the ReStore go to helping us build and repair homes. We’ve built 184 homes, this year we built 15 homes and we’re going to repair 100,” said Frank Monaghan, Habitat for Humanity.

Joyce Collins came down from Germantown before doors opened to donate.

“I know that people need supplies like I do at times and I’m sure someone can use one of the doors that I’m bringing back. Instead of throwing it in the trash, somebody can use it at their house,” said Collins.

And the Gross Family from Olney is in the middle of a major home renovation.

“It’s a give-give situation. We’re getting but were also giving. The ReStore and Habitat for Humanity does some fantastic work,” said Roxanne Gross.

Inside, the ReStore is the real deal with a wide variety of inventory from furniture to doors and anything else you’ll need to design and fill your home – including the kitchen sink.

Organizers describe the 17,000 square foot store as Five Below meets Home Depot.

“The prices are phenomenal. They’re reasonable, you get good quality things as if you went to a major chain or a major store,” said Gross.

The new location along busy Washington Avenue will boost traffic for the ReStore significantly.

More than 30,000 vehicles can pass by here in a single day. That means more business and more funds for the organization to help families in the Philadelphia area.

“It is tremendous on how much more visibility we have and how much more access customers will have to be able to buy all this great merchandise,” said Monaghan.

Habitat for Humanity accepts new and gently used furniture. Donations can be dropped off at their store or a pick-up can be requested.

All donations are tax-deductible.