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Sally's Story

Sally's Story

Sally Poliwoda is a long-time construction volunteer who recently decided that she wanted to do even more to support affordable housing.  She plans the annual Ride for Homes, a four-day fundraising bike tour that supports Habitat Philadelphia.  We caught up with Sally about two of her greatest passions--Habitat and cycling--and how she's uniting them.  Read more about (and sign up for) the Ride for Homes at!

Habitat: When and how did you get involved with Habitat Philadelphia?
Sally: Initially, I got involved 4-5 years ago, volunteering once or twice a year. But, I've learned more about Habitat through Corinne O'Connell because we both serve on another nonprofit board together. This year, I committed to volunteering at Habitat Philadelphia at least once a month with the construction team for the whole year. And actully, I just participated in my first Habitat Global Village trip to the Dominican Republic in March. 
H: What is your favorite thing about volunteering with Habitat? Why are you so committed to your support?
S: I love the people I meet; there’s always someone different. I also like learning skills and tips I can bring to my own projects at home, and I like seeing the change that takes place in the homes and neighborhood. There are several great things about volunteering at Habitat, but first and foremost the people are my favorite.

H: How have you focused this energy for the Ride for Homes event?
S: I basically combined things I love to do. I’ve done many bike rides for cancer, AIDS and Habitat. I’m excited to combine charitable bike rides for an organization I love. This is a fun way to support a great organization.
H: What is Ride for Homes? Who is it for? Why should anyone do it?
S: Ride for Homes will be a fantastic adventure. It’s a four day bike ride and we’re going to explore Western Pennsylvania and advocate for affordable housing in Harrisburg. We’re doing it  for Habitat Philadelphia, to change neighborhoods and for everyone who lives in our city. We’re making a point to keep costs at a minimum, so that every dollar we raise is going towards Habitat.
H: How could you get involved if your most extensive workout is eating potato chips on the couch?
S: The easiest thing you can do is write a check – if you can lift a chip, you can lift a pen! Sponsoring the riders is easiest, quickest way to support and get involved. Also, we’re looking for a few volunteer personnel to support the riders. If you’re not in shape and you really want to go on this bike ride, we’re developing training calendars. If you’ve never done a bike ride before but you’re looking into doing it, you can use the training calendar to get in shape.

Learn more about the Ride for Homes and sign up to join Sally on the ride here!