Residential New Construction – Early Trades Subcontracts

Coltrane Commons - North 33rd and Oxford Streets

Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia, Inc. (“Habitat” “HFHP” and “Developer”) invites your firm to submit proposals to subcontract construction work on its pending, five-unit, affordable townhouse development project at 32nd & Oxford Streets, Coltrane Commons, Phase II for any or all of the following trades:

  • Site Work (i.e., excavation, grading, earth work, helical piles)
  • Site Utilities (i.e., site plumbing, electrical conduit, tele-data infrastructure coordination)
  • Concrete (i.e., basement walls, foundations, flatwork & curbs)

The scope encompassed by this early trades Request for Proposals (RFP) entails furnishing all: labor, materials, construction management and coordination necessary for HFHP to execute all subsequent construction, from decking onward, needed for occupancy of these townhomes (i.e., 3201-3207 W. Oxford St. Parcels A-E) Habitat will be acting as General Contractor and each noted trade will be via subcontract.

This RFP scope targets a November 12, 2022 construction start and completion by January 9, 2023. Accompanying this RFP, please find:

  • a Project Overview,
  • key RFP bidder instructions,
  • critical bid dates,
  • design and contract documents,
  • scope exhibits and other supporting details,
  • as well as Bid Proposal Forms.

Please review all this information in detail, complete the bid proposal in its entirety and submit your bids for any/all trades of this Phase via e-mail by no later than 1:00PM on October 3, 2022. (Kindly indicate your firm’s intention to bid or to decline on Phase II by September 6, 2022.)

For any administrative questions regarding the RFP process itself, please call me at (267) 761-1597. However, please submit any technical or scope-related questions – in writing – to

Thanks for your consideration of this RFP. Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia looks forward to the prospect of working alongside your firm on the Coltrane Commons Project Phase II


Carlo Arjona
Senior Project Manager, Home Construction