Monthly Giving


Donate Monthly to Habitat Philadelphia

Rather than making a one-time gift, consider a smaller amount that fits into your monthly budget. The typical influx of donations to Habitat is seasonal, but the organization benefits immensely when you choose to support us year-round. The consistent support provided through Monthly Giving allows Habitat to plan ahead and pour more foundations, raise more walls, and welcome more families home throughout the year! That means your contribution will go farther to help more Philadelphia families!

Your Impact


Provides a washer and dryer, saving countless hours commuting to a laundromat and allowing a family to stay comfortably at home.


Provides a microwave range hood so that kitchens are properly ventilated, improving air quality and protecting young lungs.


Covers the cost of a critical home repair like replacing a set of stairs and installing a handrail, improving structural stability and accessibility.


Purchases a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector, adding peace of mind that homes are healthy and safe.


Outfits a full kitchen with cabinet handles, so that families can easily prepare a home-cooked meal.


Purchases a new hammer and two boxes of nails for our carpenters, who build hope with every swing.

Hope Builders Special Perks

With a contribution of at least $25/month.
  • Automatic and hassle-free monthly donations
  • Bi-annual updates from a Habitat family and invites to special events
  • Receive fewer mailings (upon request)
  • The knowledge that your donation is put to work immediately
  • Hope Builders contributing over $25/month are eligible to receive a thank you gift
  • You can also choose to decline a gift to maximize your contributions