Monthly Giving

Why become a Hope Builder rather than donate a one-time gift

Rather than making a one-time gift, consider a smaller amount that fits into your monthly budget. The typical influx of donations to Habitat is seasonal, but the organization benefits immensely when you choose to support us year-round. The consistent support provided through Monthly Giving allows Habitat to plan ahead and pour more foundations, raise more walls, and welcome more families home throughout the year! That means your contribution will go farther to help more Philadelphia families!

Donate now

Here’s what your dollars can do:


Buys an energy-efficient window to keep a family warm in the winter


Buys a front door and keeps a family safe


Buys a set of stairs to the upstairs, where children can play in their bedrooms


Buys cabinets for the entire kitchen, so families can enjoy meals together

With a contribution of at least $25/month, Hope Builders receive special perks:

  • Automatic and hassle-free monthly donations
  • Bi-annual updates from a Habitat family and invites to special events
  • Receive fewer mailings (upon request)
  • The knowledge that your donation is put to work immediately
  • Hope Builders contributing over $25/month are eligible to receive a thank you gift
  • You can also choose to decline a gift to maximize your contributions

Reach out to Greg Bradley, Individual Giving Manager, at or (215) 765-6000 x54 with questions.