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Lubert IDA Program

Lubert IDA Program

Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia’s Lubert IDA Program for First-Time Homebuyers


IDAs are special matched savings programs that assist working individuals to acquire productive assets that serve to increase financial stability and security, e.g. a first home, higher education, or a small business. IDA programs help establish a pattern of regular saving, provide an incentive for saving in the form of match money, and offer education and training that helps participants learn long-term money management skills. The United Way Housing IDA Program is designed to help participants pay for the down payment and closing costs on a first-home purchase. Participants must be first-time homebuyers.


Savings & Match

Savings goal: $2,000

Match ratio: 2:1

  • Participants can save up to $2,000, which will be matched at the end of the Program with $4,000, for a total of $6,000 to use for home purchase

Saving period: a minimum of six months from the date of account opening.  All participant deposits must be completed within two years of enrollment. 

  • Monthly deposits: a minimum of $10. Deposits only can be made from earned income.
  • No withdrawals. Participants are not allowed to make withdrawals from their IDA accounts.

Financial Literacy Training

IDA participants are required to take part in 6 hours of financial education that includes money management, credit analysis and repair, basic knowledge about financial institutions and financial services.

Homebuyer Education

IDA participants receive a minimum of 5 hours of first-time homebuyer education that provides information on purchasing a home and prepares them for the responsibility of homeownership.

Asset Purchase

Participants who complete all Program savings and training requirements and have signed a contract to purchase a home within two years of enrollment are eligible to receive the match funds. Match funds will be provided in the form of a check payable to the participant’s title company at settlement.  


Both participant savings and match funds may be used to pay for the down payment and closing costs on a first home purchase.  Participants must use their IDA savings and match at settlement, and are not permitted to use IDA funds to prepay expenses.


Prospective participants must:

  • Be residents of Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware or Chester County
  • Have signed a contract to purchase a home within TWO YEARS of enrollment
  • Have a net worth that is less than $10,000.  (One motor vehicle per household and the value of the participant’s home can be excluded in calculating this figure.)
  • Show proof of earned income
  • Meet program income guidelines for a household of their size.  (Household adjusted gross income that either qualifies for the Earned Income Tax Credit or is at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level.) TANF recipients automatically qualify if they have a source of earned income to make deposits


One Person Household


Two Person Household


Three Person Household


Four Person Household


Five Person Household


Six Person Household


Seven Person Household

Eight Person Household



For more information, please contact the Habitat IDA administrator at 215-765-6000, ext. 27.