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We partner with families in need of decent, affordable housing to build a place to call home.

No matter who you are or where you come from, everyone deserves a decent place to live. Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia provides a hand-up, not a handout, to families in need. People in Habitat’s Homeownership Program partner to build brighter futures for themselves and their families. We work with individuals who might not otherwise qualify for a traditional mortgage.

Habitat builds and rehabs houses in the Philadelphia area, which are available for purchase with an affordable mortgage to people in our Homeownership Program. See if you are eligible below.

Income Eligibility Requirements

Household income is calculated based on the gross income of all adults. Below, the maximum income is based on 80% of the 2022 HUD Area Median Income (AMI) for Philadelphia.

Household SizeMinimum Household IncomeMaximum Household Income
Household Size1Minimum Household Income$36,900Maximum Household Income$59,040
Household Size2Minimum Household Income$42,200Maximum Household Income$67,520
Household Size3Minimum Household Income$47,450Maximum Household Income$75,920
Household Size4Minimum Household Income$52,700Maximum Household Income$84,320
Household Size5Minimum Household Income$56,950Maximum Household Income$91,120
Household Size6Minimum Household Income$61,150Maximum Household Income$97,840
Household Size7Minimum Household Income$63,350Maximum Household Income$101,360
Household Size8Minimum Household Income$69,600Maximum Household Income$111,360
Step 1.

Attend an Information Session

If you are interested in applying to the Homeownership Program, the first step we recommend is to attend a virtual information session.

During an information session, you’ll hear about our program requirements, our selection criteria, and how to go about the application process.

We hold Information Sessions only during open application periods. Attending an Information Session is highly recommended but not required to apply for the Homeownership Program.

If you have questions about our program outside of an open application period, please leave us a message at

Step 2.

Submit a Pre-Screen Application Online

If you believe the program would be a good opportunity for you, submit an online pre-screen application during the next open cycle! Be prepared to submit a range of documentation to support information on your employment history, wages, income, tax returns, debts, and more.

Our prescreen period is currently closed. Please fill out a program inquiry form to be the first to know when it will re-open.

Program Inquiry
Step 3.

Application Review & Follow-Up

Our goal for the Homeownership Program participants is to see them purchase a Habitat home with an affordable 30- to 40-year mortgage. We want our participants to be successful homeowners for the long term.

Within 30 days of submission, we review your Pre-Screen Application to determine if you are eligible for the program. If so, our team will reach out to request additional details that need to be turned in by a deadline. During this time, we will also run a credit check and conduct a background check to ensure your finances are healthy.

Step 4.


While we review your application materials, you may be asked to interview with the Homeowner Services team so we can better assess your need for affordable housing and talk through any questions you may have about the program requirements.

Interviews are not always necessary during an application cycle; however, it is critical that you are ready and responsive to our team’s requests for more information after submitting your Pre-Screen Application.

Step 5.


We will review follow-up information from our pool of qualified Pre-Screen applicants until we select the number of households we’re looking for to join our Homeownership Program during that application cycle.

If you are not accepted this time, there can be specific ways we’ll recommend for you to strengthen your application in the future (for example, we will recommend a partnering organization to help you with credit repair).

We only look for a limited number of individuals and families to join our program each application cycle. Don’t be discouraged if you are not selected this time around!

Step 6.


Selected applicants will be asked to accept the invitation to join our program.

If you accept – congratulations! We are thrilled to be a partner in your journey to homeownership.

At our Orientation, you will experience a thorough review of how our program works, meet key Habitat staff from all across the organization who will partner with you on your journey, train you on how to be safe on our construction sites, and set your personal education & savings goals.


Information Sessions

See all Habitat events

The next round of information sessions will be posted once the application period for the Homeownership Program is ready to re-open Please check back for details and fill out an inquiry form to receive updates.



If I am accepted into the program, how long before I purchase my home?

The typical time period for completing the program is within 8-12 months, after which the purchase process begins. This timing for when you purchase depends on a variety of factors, including how long it takes you to complete all requirements, Habitat’s current construction schedule, and other considerations.


What kind of support will I receive throughout the program?

Our Homeowner Services team is here to keep you on track! We understand there may be bumps in the road, and we will work with you as a partner in your success.

We will also connect you with reputable partnering organizations that can offer complementary support around issues such as managing personal finances and taking advantage of select City or other local programs.


I'd like to speak with someone about the program. Who can I talk to?

You can reach our Homeowner Services team at (215) 765-6000 x18 or by emailing


How often do you have applications open?

Our application cycles are set based on our current construction schedules. When we have a development ready to build, we seek out individuals and families to go through our program and ultimately buy those homes. You can join our mailing list to be notified of any upcoming open application cycles here.

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