Building Hope LIVE

Thursday, May 4, 2023, 12:00pm - 12:45pm


Building Hope LIVE is our signature annual event that celebrates community, highlights our work and our partnerships, and shares the success of families with whom we work alongside. In 2023, Building Hope LIVE will be the finale of our Home WORKS week because a  stable home WORKS to create safer spaces and communities across Philadelphia. 

Building Hope LIVE’s ultimate goal is to raise $475,000 to assist Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia in furthering our impact and building housing stability, health stability, and human stability. There is no ticket price to attend the Building Hope LIVE, rather, Team Captains (formerly known as Table Captains) recruit friends, family, and colleagues to their virtual table. Not invited by a Team Captain? No problem! All are welcome to attend this event.

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Why Home WORKS

Housing touches every aspect of our society. A safe roof overhead allows children to flourish at school, families to grow, and communities to thrive. From Monday, May 1 to Thursday, May 4, we will be sharing with you why home WORKS. Every day, we will focus on one of the many aspects of why housing is so crucial in our city, now more than ever before.

Thank you to our Building Hope LIVE sponsors.