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Contractor Support System and Resources

Habitat aims to reduce as many barriers to working with us as possible. We commit to supporting our contractors through the contract onboarding process, and throughout their time working with us. Click into the below resources we offer to learn how.



Access to Capital Partnership

We partner with the Neighborhood Progress Fund to provide small business loans to companies that are unable to cover the up-front cost of materials and labor. Once you are under contract with us, you are eligible for a no-obligation consult with NPF to determine if you’d like to move forward with their services. If you are interested in leveraging this resource, reach out to Elam Boockvar-Klein, Special Projects Associate, at elambk@habitatphiladelphia.org



Expedited Reimbursement

We understand that businesses can fall on hard times, and cannot always wait the full 30 or 45 days to be reimbursed for their work. For this reason, we are able to process, on a case-by-case basis, reimbursement within a shorter time frame. We ask that you communicate directly with your Project Manager if expedited reimbursement is needed.


Materials Deposit

In addition to the Access to Capital Partnership with the Neighborhood Progress Fund, we are also able to offer an up-front deposit for materials on a case-by-case basis. The deposit is at the discretion of the Project Manager; communicate directly with them to inquire about this resource.


Referrals for Minority/Women/Disabled Business-Owned Enterprise Certification

The MBE/WBE/DSBE certification can be a valuable asset when bidding on contracts generally, and with Habitat. We offer referrals to The Enterprise Center, the organization that administers the certification process. In some instances, the $250 certification fee may be waived. Reach out to Elam Boockvar-Klein, Special Projects Associate, at elambk@habitatphiladelphia.org if you are interested in a referral.


Paperwork Support & Guidance

We understand that many construction businesses, particularly smaller ones, do not have full-time staff dedicated to completing paperwork. For this reason, our staff at Habitat is dedicated to supporting our subcontractors through the paperwork collection process. We are available to answer questions and provide guidance when it comes to collecting certificates of insurances, signing waivers of liens, interpreting notices to proceed, and the like.