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Our Fiscal Year 2015 Annual Report

Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia Annual Report 2015

Our Fiscal Year 2015 Annual Report

A case worker, a nursing assistant, a childcare provider, a government clerk:  the families that we serve have diverse backgrounds, but they share defining qualities.  Each family contributes something meaningful to the city:  their willingness to work for something better—and their hope for a safe, affordable place to call home.  For 30 years, Habitat For Humanity Philadelphia has provided a hand up to families like this who work hard but still fall short—those who are caught at the intersection between low wages, limited housing options, and the rising cost of living in Philadelphia. 

We know that affordable housing unlocks the potential to build financial stability, to excel at work and school, or to grow up free from preventable allergies and asthma.  Habitat Philadelphia empowers vulnerable families to reach their full potential in life, thanks in part to a simple truth:  that safe, affordable homeownership is an effective and enduring pathway out of the cycle of poverty. 

Habitat continues to expand our impact in Philadelphia.  In 2015, we pushed harder than ever—we built, we repaired and we restored, powered by our supporters across the region.  We encourage you to read our 2015 Community Impact Report and be inspired by the hope and hard work of vulnerable families and volunteers who together create happy, healthy homes.  Woven throughout is a common theme: our gratitude for you and your commitment to making Philadelphia a city where everyone lives in a safe, affordable home.  That vision began 30 years ago with one house, and one family who leveraged it to build a brighter future.  As of 2015, we’ve empowered 570 additional families to do the same. 

Imagine a Philadelphia 30 years from now where thousands more Habitat homeowners make a positive impact on our blocks, our neighborhoods, our city.  With your continued support, it will happen.  On behalf of our Partner Families, Board of Directors and Staff, we thank you for building houses, hope and Philadelphia.   

  Frank Monaghan, Executive Director


    Karen Flynn, Board President

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