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Nicole's Story

Nicole's Story

Nicole volunteers at Habitat's central office doing a wide range of projects, from organizing property information to helping with donation entry.  She's a dedicated member of the Habitat family, and we love having her with us!

How long have you been volunteering with Habitat?  How did you first get involved?

I've been volunteering with Habitat Philadelphia since June 2011.  I initially became involved with Habitat for Humanity while living in New York City, through an organization called Nontraditional Employment for Women (N.E.W.).

What are some of the reasons you come out to support Habitat?

I support Habitat because I believe in their cause.  There's a tremendous need for affordable housing, and I've seen how Habitat has worked with neighborhoods to transform forgotten, decaying buildings into beautiful new homes.

What's your favorite aspect of volunteering at Habitat?

My favorite aspect is the family and community atmosphere created by the staff.  They're genuinely sincere about what they do and about their commitment to the community.  This is evident in the way they interact with eachother, and with the public.

What's a particularly good memory you have from a day at Habitat? 

Some of the best days at Habitat Philadelphia are when we just get to talk.  There's an age gap between me and some of the staff, so it's interesting to talk about things that I did as a child that some of them have never heard of or couldn't imagine themselves doing--like typing a term paper on a typewriter!

Any advice that you'd give to volunteers on their first day working at Habitat?

Relax--have fun--and enjoy the experience!