Building Houses, Building Hope, Building Philadelphia

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Staff Members

Executive Team

Frank Monaghan
Executive Director
215 765-6000 x12
Corinne O'Connell
Associate Executive Director
215-765-6000 x 22

Development & Volunteer Management

Carolyn McLaughlin
Director of Development
(215) 765-6000 x21
Deidra Duncan
Development Manager of Volunteer Programs
(215) 765 6000 x10
Zach Wilcha
Development Manager of Faith Relations
(215) 765 6000 x19
Henry Randolph
Development Manager of Communications
215-765-6000 x17
Betsy Zall
Development Associate
(215) 765 6000 x14

Planning & Partnerships

Carrie Rathmann
Director of Strategic Partnerships
(215) 765-6000 x28
Steve Blunt
Director of Project Planning
(215) 765 6000 x25

Family Services

Rebecca Saadeh
Director of Family Services
(215) 765 6000 x13
Shonda Brinson
Family Services Coordinator
215-765-6000 x27
Megan Henry
Family Services Coordinator
(215) 765-6000 x18


Kathy White
Director of Operations
215-765-6000 x11


George Buckmann
Construction Staff
Rick Powell
Director of Construction
215-765-6000 x 26
Luke Powell
Warranty Carpenter
T.J. Burghart
AmeriCorps Construction Crew Leader
Jamie Nichols
AmeriCorps Construction Crew Leader
Tessa Mandra
AmeriCorps Construction Crew Leader
Julia Von Holt
AmeriCorps Construction Crew Leader
Sarah Mussoline
AmeriCorps Construction Crew Leader
Tai Witherspoon
Construction Intern

West Philadelphia Repair Initiative

Cassie O'Connell
Director, The Other Carpenter
(215) 765-6000 x24
Jen Rock
Administrative Coordinator
(267) 284-0310
Renia Johnson
Intake Specialist
(267) 284-0310
Craig Lee
Construction Supervisor
Steve Thomas
AmeriCorps Repair Crew Leader

ReStore Team

Greg Bradley
ReStore Manager
(215) 765 6000 x50
Noah Yoder
ReStore Truck Driver
Dally Correa
ReStore Warehouse Coordinator
(215) 765 6000 x50
Angie Correa-Collazo
ReStore Associate
215-739-9300 x50
Cait Chamberlain
ReStore Associate
(215) 765 6000 x50
Audreyelaine Coleman
ReStore Associate
(215) 765 6000 x50
Aaron Mason
ReStore Associate
(215) 765 6000 x51
Will Staehle
ReStore Associate
(215) 765-6000 x50

Weatherization & Home Repair

Emily Lucas
Director of Weatherization & Home Repair
215-765-6000 x23
John Bittner
Repair Site Supervisor
Kevin Crowley
Repair Program Site Supervisor
Vicki Rosenzweig
Weatherization and Home Repair Program Assistant
215-765-6000 x15
Wayne Rucker
AmeriCorps Home Repair Crew Leader