Our Programs

Our Programs

Homeownership Program

Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia provides a hand up, not a hand out, to hard-working families with low incomes who are willing to partner with us as homeowners. Habitat is a partnership between families, volunteers and donors working together to improve the living conditions of families in Philadelphia. Habitat homes are affordable due to zero interest mortgages, volunteer labor and community support.

Habitat partner families are carefully selected to ensure that they are well-prepared and qualified for Habitat homeownership. The selection process, building of the home, and sweat equity can take up to 24 months. Please click here to learn more about Habitat's homeownership program.  If you have a more immediate need for housing, please consider these other organizations and resources.

Weatherization and Home Repair (WHRP)

The Weatherization and Home Repair Program is a program started in 2011 that expands on Habitat’s traditional homeownership model to provide critical home repair, weatherization and façade improvement services to low income homeowners in Philadelphia. Like Habitat’s traditional homeownership model, the WHRP combines a no-interest construction loan, homeowner participation (sweat equity) and volunteer labor to provide affordable housing solutions to low income families.

Our Weatherization and Home Repair services are currently offered to Habitat homeowners who have been in their homes for 10 years or longer in North Philadelphia. Soon, through a partnership with Project H.O.M.E, we will be expanding our catchment area and the program will be open for non-Habitat families to apply.  Please click here to learn more.

The Other Carpenter

The Other Carpenter is a home repair program that serves low-income homeowners in the Belmont, East Parkside and Mantua neighborhoods of West Philadelphia.  In 2012 and after 11 years of housing ministry service, founder David Heaton retired his hammer and asked Habitat Philadelphia to assume direction of The Other Carpenter (TOC).  Habitat Philadelphia is blessed to join forces with TOC to advance the common goals of the two organizations:  providing affordable housing and repairs in partnership with families in need.  Please click here to learn more.