Home Repair & Weatherization Program

Weatherization and Home Repair by Habitat Philadelphia

Home Repair & Weatherization Program

Over one in eight Philadelphia homeowners can’t afford to make critical repairs to their homes.

The Weatherization and Home Repair Program (WHRP) was started in 2011 to address the need for affordable home repairs for low-income families in Philadelphia.  The goal of WHRP is to preserve the current housing stock in the neighborhoods where Habitat builds, and protect current homeowners by lowering their utility bills and offering affordable home repairs in return for sweat equity hours. These critical home repairs stabilize the blocks where Habitat works by preventing abandonment and vacancy.  To date, the WHRP has weatherized 38 homes in Philadelphia.  The program is gradually expanding its reach in the neighborhood and, later, the rest of the city.  If the WHRP plans to work in your neighborhood, you will be notified when we begin to accept applications.  Please stay tuned for updates and news about the application process.

For the cost of building or rehabbing one home (~$140k), Habitat can make critical repairs to preserve 14 families in their current homes through the Weatherization and Home Repair Program.

The Weatherization and Home Repair Program contains many components of our Homeownership Program partnership housing model. This includes low- or no-interest loans or soft second mortgages. Homeowner participation is required and selection is based on need. An initial energy audit of the home is performed, and then the partner family volunteers for a minimum of two days – usually one day working on façade improvements and the exterior of the home, and one day working on insulation and other repairs to the interior.

To learn more about how you can support the Weatherization & Home Repair Program, please contact Emily Lucas at 215-765-6000 x23.  To volunteeer with the WHRP, please click here.